Extra ₹50 OFF + UpTo ₹500 Voucher on all UPI Payments + ₹100 OFF on Zomato*


₹50 OFF on Prepaid Orders + Upto ₹500 Voucher, This offer is only valid on UPI Payments. Voucher value will be anywhere between ₹100 to ₹500 Voucher code will be sent through Email & SMS only after successful delivery of the product.

How to recieve voucher ?

Step 1 : Pay for your order with UPI.

Step 2 : Wait for your order to get delivered.

Step 3 : Click picture of your invoice or your order & email it to support@jumpingparrot.com (Don't forget to mention that you have mailed for voucher)

Step 4 : Our team will verify your order.

Step 5 : After successful verification a voucher between ₹100 to ₹500 will be sent through email.

You can use this voucher to buy anything from www.jumpingparrot.com


First-time users get 100 off on zomato
First-time users get ₹100 off on a minimum order of ₹299 on zomato.